September 8, 2009

More from 'Mysteries of the Universe'

It's Sept. 8, meaning it's time for installment 3 of's Mysteries of the Universe, the '70s-style mock-TV-doc purporting to investigate the cult-like Dharma Initiative.

In this video clip, we hear of a church in Los Angeles that has received "upward of $1.5 million from a private organization." We are told the land under the church is owned by an array of shell companies, responsible for numerous invoices and purchase orders for a vast, mysterious shopping list. (What church would ever need submarine fuel, ammunition, pneumatic tubing or zookeeper supplies, not to mention "psychotropic drugs and other pharmacological supplies"?)

There is an ominous reference to "brainwashing." And, in passing, we also hear of a chemist named Oldham who was interviewed for a job at Dharma. Hmm... wasn't that the name of the guy who fed a truth serum, on an LSD-type sugar cube, to the "captured Hostile" Sayid?

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