September 17, 2008

Could Fringe Outshine Lost?

There have only been two episodes of Fringe, the the most recent one just aired last night.

But that is the question of a viewer/fan to TV Guide's Matt Rousch.

Here's the question/statement from the viewer/fan:

"I truly believe that Fringe has the ability to outshine Lost, and here is why: Lost's success has always been based on its masterful storytelling and various layers of mystery. It is more a case study on the supernatural and how the supernatural affects people in a variety of ways. Fringe, however, if done correctly, has the ability to harness all of the things that Lost does, but lay it out in a very X-Files way. So what you are left with are the talents of storytelling and layers with "monsters of the week." Taking the strengths of two shows and hopefully removing the confusion of conspiracy episodes (X-Files) and the monotony with which some stories unfold (Lost) could have a really brilliant effect. I am eager to see how the first season plays out. — Josh"

In his response, Matt Rousch suggests we see more Fringe before deciding. And he says it's unlikely Fringe will catch on with viewers the way Lost did.

If you've seen Fringe and can compare the shows, Losties Island would love to hear your thoughts.


ctcollie said...

There is no way that Fringe is going to outpace Lost based on the first two episodes: sloppy writing, tired premise, and hugely derivative of the X-Files. Last night's episode -- the rapidly aging serial killer -- rapidly aged after a great opening. The final shot was also confusing--the killer or his clone lying in a hospital bed? This series is a huge disappointment. Right now the only thing that approaches Lost on U.S. television is Battlestar Galactica. Meanwhile, if you really want to see a great SF show, check out the new Dr. Who on British TV.

JenEmily said...

I completely agree about Battlestar being the only SciFi show on that compares to Lost. It's consistant with its great characters and writing. It also tosses out the surprises like Lost.
I'm enjoing Frings because the characters intrige me. But it's not near the quality of BG or Lost.
I, too was confused by that last shot. It happened so quick. And what is Peter's medical situation.
I plan to keep watching.

jesharris said...

The first "Fringe" shows were reasonably entertaining, and I'll probably watch again. But it didn't pull me in the way the first two hours of LOST did. I just watched the two-hour LOST pilot eps again, and they still seem fresh and compelling to me. I can't quite see myself watching the first two hours of "Fringe" again in four years!

JenEmily said...

Well said, Joyce. I'm enjoying Fringe, but wouldn't be interested in seeing repeats. I've Tivoed the Lost pilot and I'm looking forward to seeig it.

Jeff said...

I know I'm late to the game on this, but... I think Fringe is a good show, and I'll keep watching it. But there are very few shows that feel revolutionary.
Those truly amazing shows bring you something you've never seen before (a twist on something familar, taking a previous concept and moving it another level or creating something unique).
Lost did that and so did Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Sopranos, Battlestar (the new one obviously),Twin Peaks, X-Files, etc.
I think you know almost immediately when you're watching something destined to be either a cult hit or cultural milestone.
I don't think this will be either. But it's still a good show.