September 13, 2008

Daniel Dae Kim Guilty of DUI, Loses License

Daniel Dae Kim, who plays Jin, pled no contest to DUI and lost his license, reports E! Online.

No contest is basically just not contesting the charges against him. The result is the same as being found guilty.

His blood alcohol level was .168 -- more than twice the legal limit -- when he was arrested in October 2007.

When we last saw Jin, he was one the exploding freighter.

Do you think Jin is dead or alive? And is there a Lost curse for the stars who get in trouble?

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jesharris said...

You do have to wonder if there isn't some kind of curse operating here -- or maybe it's just the showrunners figure they can do without "problem children."

I think Jin is dead -- but, rather like Libby, I don't think we have necessarily seen the last of him, by any means.