September 26, 2008

Poll: Which Character is Still Alive?

Only two of our five choices received votes.

You could choose from Jin, Claire, Jacob, Christian Shephard and Michael.

Jin received 60 percent of the votes and Claire got 40 percent.

Be sure to check out the next poll and comment here about who you think is alive or dead and why?


JenEmily said...

I voted for Jin. Maybe he jumped off the freighter. There's so much weirdness going on surrounding the island, who knows.
Michael definitely bought it. And Christian was definitely dead in Australia. Who knows what Jacob is.
Claire is a mystery, though.
I like the Sun and Jin relationship; I think there' more to explore there.

Paula said...

I honestly think they're all still alive in some way...maybe not in present day, but I think in the end we'll find out they're all alive in their "right" time.

JenEmily said...

So, you think there are parallels that exist on the island? And perhaps sometimes the parallels cross over and that's why we can see them?
I'll have to think about this.

Jeff said...

I like Paula's comment. I think we'll find out the true answers about who's still alive and where they are alivde and how the island was moved when the Large Hadron Collider is up and running next year.

Here part of the wish list for the project:

Extra dimensions
Scientists will be astounded if the LHC discovers extra dimensions, but it is a possibility. Theories predict different types of extra dimension, with some coiled up and microscopic, and others stretched over just one millimetre.

Extra dimensions might explain why we feel gravity very weakly. In another dimension, it could be extremely powerful.

I'm declaring Lost to be education television.