February 9, 2010

Discussion of 6.03:What Kate Does ...

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Joyce Saenz Harris said...

Well, THAT was interesting! Now we know [according to Dogen, anyway] what happened to Sayid. Same thing that happened to poor Claire, and it's scary. They're "infected" with the "sickness" that also took Rousseau's team, which is why she had to kill them all. And in the Others' view, better dead than infected.

Interesting thing is that Miles instinctively knew something was wrong with both of them. He was looking at Sayid strangely when Hugo was saying his farewells to Sayid's alleged corpse. Miles also stared curiously at Claire after she survived the house explosion at New Otherton, when the freighter mercenaries were after them.

Showrunners Damon and Carlton used to joke about the "zombie season" that would end the series. And -- Hurley just asked Sayid if he were a zombie! Well, Sayid and Claire may not be flesh-eating zombies exactly, but they seem doomed to become soulless shells of themselves, if what Dogen says is true.

Claire, after three years, looks very different from her former sweet self: She's become a gun-toting jungle badass. And Sayid, poor guy, already had a deep darkness in his heart and was convinced he would be hellbound once he died.

How creepy was it, Kate and Claire talking to Dr. Ethan Goodspeed?!

And awwww, poor Sawyer, tossing away the engagement ring he never got to give to Juliet. Remember in "Flashes Before Your Eyes," when Desmond tosses away the ring he meant to give to Penny?

Stella said...

Seeing Ethan again was very creepy, Joyce, but also kind of funny. So is he a good guy in this flash sideways or whatever it's called?

Question: was it just me or was the sound awful at the beginning of the program? I couldn't tell if it was the show, ABC or our TV.

Some other thoughts/questions:
I thought Sawyer's emotional scene was quite powerful. Really shows he was in love with Juliet.

It was nice seeing Claire and Kate and for a minute I thought Kate might have to deliver the baby. Isn't she the one who delivered it on the island (if I remember correctly)?

I've always been a diehard fan in the sense that even when the storylines weren't the greatest, I still enjoyed the show. But I have to say that the island storyline so far this season is kind of getting on my nerves. Maybe it's the hippie dude or the leader of this other group, but I'm not really crazy about either of these characters. They need to speed things up on that end. And I miss Faraday.

On the other hand, the flash sideways story is fascinating to me. It's interesting to see how they would have gone about their lives if they'd not crashed on the island.

Joyce Saenz Harris said...

Stella, I know what you mean. I'm interested in both storylines and am curious to see how these two very different parallel worlds will ever join up. But right now, I'm a little more fascinated by what's happening back in Sideways World. Maybe it's because of all the old familiar faces who keep popping up every week.

This week, besides Ethan, there was Aldo, the guy guarding Karl when he was imprisoned in Room 23. Aldo was the guard who fell for what Sawyer called "the old Wookiee prisoner gag." And apparently, three years later, he is still extremely bitter about being slugged by a girl. And he's really mad that Kate doesn't even remember him!

The only thing that bothered me this week is that we didn't see anything of evil FakeLocke, Ben, Richard, Sun, Frank, Ilana and the Ajira 316ers. Because it was a Kate-centric sideflash, the ep stuck to 2007 Kate and the Losties with the Temple group -- aka the Others 2.0. However, maybe next week will be focused on the other group.

I also am finding James' grief over Juliet to be persuasive evidence that he really loved her and that she had changed his life for the better. He seems to believe he is meant to go through life alone now. Somehow I get the idea that Kate doesn't want to let him do that!

Marissa said...

I was annoyed with tonight's episode. I think I'm just getting impatient, and I expected more answers to questions tonight. The writers said that the first several episodes of this season would be fast-moving and packed with answers. But I thought tonight's episode was slow. Or maybe it seemed that way due to the emotional scenes which I did enjoy. I, too, was moved by Sawyer's emotions when we realized he was in love with Juliette. And then I found myself feeling bad for Kate even though she's gotten on my nerves over the past two seasons. Sorry I'm being so cranky about tonight's episode.

I agree with Stella in that I'm not crazy about the new characters - the island hippie guys. I'm more interested in the new parallel storyline probably because we've stuck with these characters for the past six seasons and have gotten to know them. Tonight, I was trying to see where there were similarities between both worlds to see how things are coming full circle. One similarity is the one that Stella brought up in that Kate helped deliver Claire's baby on the island, or at least was very supportive of her during that time. And then tonight, we saw Kate helping out Claire again.

Question: who was that guy - one of the island hippie guys - who told Kate that she hit him with her gun at the airport? I was confused. i don't remember that guy from the plane or the airport.

Marissa said...

Oops, please disregard my question from the above post. Joyce, I just realized you answered the question already. I read your third post. Thanks!

Joyce Saenz Harris said...

Did anyone else notice that the date on alt-Claire's sonogram was Oct. 22, 2004 -- one month after the original, doomed Oceanic 815 flight? Yet alt-Claire is still 8 months (36 weeks) pregnant, as she was at the time of the original crash. What's up with that? Is this unborn baby of alt-Claire's still the Baby Aaron we know?

The appearance of Dr. Ethan Goodspeed, who in alt-life is apparently a goodhearted OB doc, was very interesting. In the 1977 timeline of "The Incident," Amy Goodspeed (Horace's wife) and her newborn son Ethan would have been sent off-Island on the submarine. Although we did not see them go, they would have been among the Dharma women and children who were evacuated...just like Mrs. Chang and baby Miles, and little Charlotte and her mom.

So that means that, instead of growing up on the Island, Ethan would have grown up with Amy off-Island. In the original timeline, Ethan probably was stolen from Dharma as an infant or small child, because by 1988, he and Ben were out stealing baby Alex from Danielle Rousseau.

LostiesIslandBlog said...

So, going back to last week's episode, can we discuss the fact that Sayid is Iranian in the sideways world? I wonder what else has changed? Or is it a fake passport?

I agree that I'm more interested in the sideways world right now. These temple guys are kind of annoying. Although I'm intrigued by Dogen and Jack's conversation.

I'm still curious about where Fake Locke wants to go? Where is home? Any ideas?

I'm curious about the "test" that Dogen gave Sayid. What would have happened if he passed. I really didn't see anything that showed Sayid was infected. Screaming in pain seems reasonable to me when you're being tortured.

I liked seeing Jack stand by his friends. He was supportive without trying to be the hero. He seemed more like the leader we've wanted him to be. He seems like a mix of the Man of Faith and Man of Science.

I'm curious how we'll see the sideways world play out. Will the Losties be drawn together to play out what happened on the island in this world, too? Kate was with Claire for Aaron's birth in both places. Will the same be true for the rest? I'm guessing yes.

There's speculation that that the two world's will reconcile at one point. The only way that can happen is if they decide to crash on the island again.