February 23, 2010

What did you think of 'Lighthouse?'

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Joyce Saenz Harris said...

Whoa! Alt-Jack has a kid! Wonder who young David Shephard's mom is? And in the parallel reality, Jack had his appendix out as a child.

The "Lighthouse" episode was written by Damon and Carlton, and it showed; lots of interesting canonical tidbits in this one, such as the reappearance of "Adam and Eve." The mirror imagery continued, and this time it's Jack's turn to be freaked out by seeing his name paired with one of the Numbers.

Jacob wanted Hugo and Jack away from the Temple because "Someone's coming there. Someone bad. You can't warn them, Hugo. It's too late."

UnLocke is Claire's "friend" -- who told her, also in the guise of her her dad, that the Others have Aaron at the Temple.

Where is James? UnLocke showed up alone at Claire's camp. Did he send James back to the Temple to be UnLocke's inside man? According to the enhanced episode of "The Substitute" that showed just before "Lighthouse," James is UnLocke's "first recruit." Is he playing a long con -- or is he really enlisted in the Dark Side?

A lot of people are wondering if maybe we've been fooled into thinking Jacob must be good and MiB/UnLocke must be the bad guy... that maybe it's just the opposite. But I think UnLocke is, indeed the Big Bad of this final season. And I think he's worse than any LOST villain we've seen up till now.

Somebody's coming to the Island, someone that Jacob wants Hugo to help bring there. The same ones, I bet, that Jacob referred to when he said, "They're coming," just before UnLocke kicked him into the fire.

Who is coming? I'm thinking it's Eloise Hawking and Charles Widmore. But who knows?

Jen Emily said...

I, too, had wondered if perhaps we were being misled by Jacob=good and MIB/FakeLocke=bad. But I really don't see how FakeLocke and the smoke monster can be good. But I think maybe it's possible Jacob isn't as good as he seems.

I loved the return to Adam and Eve and the nods to, as Hurley called it, "old school" lost.

The Jack in the sideways world seemed more together than Island Jack before he came back to the island. He turned down the drink from his mom, etc. He still seems to have the daddy issues that have been so central to the show and he has a son of his own with daddy issues. It seems like, though, he's doing his best to be a better dad than his father. Last night's episode seemed to demonstrate that.

So, is the something bad coming to the Temple, Claire?

And why does the MIB/Locke/Claire's "friend" want Claire to believe that The Others have Aaron. He is using Claire much like Jacob is using the Losties.

What do you think that Jacob wants Jack to do? Jack does seem like the idea candidate of all the candidates.