January 16, 2009

Another S5 sneak peek is coming online...

...according to Lost showrunners Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof, in this week's special preview -- e-mailed to fans who were Dharma Initiative volunteers in ABC's most recent ARG:

Hello Dharma Friends,

In less than a week, LOST season 5 premieres! You're hopefully excited.
We're heavily medicating ourselves to overcome our anxiety.

What you'll be seeing on premiere night is, first, a special clip show
designed to get you back up to speed after our eight months off the air. The
clip show is followed by episodes one and two of this season. While we did not
write them to air as a two-hour block, we are happy that you are getting to see
both episodes on the first night.

Episode one, entitled "Because You Left," picks up where the finale left
off, and the second episode, "The Lie," is a Hurley-centric episode.
Honestly, we're very excited for you to see them.

Speaking of the Hurley episode, this week we've got a special sneak peek at
a scene from that episode just for you...

What follows is a 45-second flashback clip from "The Lie" of the Oceanic Six, plus Penny and Desmond, on board the Searcher, Penny's rescue boat. Jack's explaining to Hurley and the others why they must lie to protect their friends who remained behind. It's not really spoilery, but as always, don't watch if you do want to be totally surprised next Wednesday night.

Click here for more details and a look at that newest video clip from the Jan. 21st premiere. It's not posted on www.abc.com/lost yet, but should appear there within the next 48 hours.

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