January 28, 2009

Discussion: Episode 5.3 ... What did you think?

Three down for the season.

What did you think of tonight's episode?

Where is the season going?

What question do you most want answered?


JenEmily said...

So, Charles Widmore was on the island in 1954. Interesting.

And, do you think speaking Latin shows how old Richard Alpert might be?

The puzzle pieces are starting to fall into place?

Jeff said...

Here's the Wikipedia entry for the Jughead hydrogen bomb.
The page was loading slowly immediately after the end of the show.


JenEmily said...

Also from wikipedia ...

Remember Jughead from the Archie comics?

There was also Jughead's Time Police.

"Upon receiving a special beanie from an unknown benefactor, Jughead gains the ability to travel to the past and future at will. Joined by Deputy January McAndrews (Archie's descendant from the 29th century), Jughead travelled across history, ensuring that history stayed on its proper course. Paradoxes and existential dilemmas were often plot developments. The main villain was the time-travelling sorceress Morgan le Fay, who may have been a descendant of Reggie Mantle. Jughead has a secret love interest in Archie's descendant January McAndrews."

Stella said...

I thought the Widmore revelation was very interesting indeed. What do you all think happens to Charlotte and what do you make of Faraday making that comment that the girl with the gun looked like someone he knows? Could she be the same woman who was in bed ill?

Beth said...

I almost cried when Desmond said the baby's name.

So many things going on here, I don't know where to start.

The absence of Daniel's mom at Oxford gives more support to the theory that it's Ms. Hawking.

Widmore is an Other! Him on the island in 1954 -- totally gels with his statements to Ben in their bedroom confrontation.

Locke tells Richard to go see him when he's born. So this meeting always happened in the timeline? This supports the the producers' contentions that moving through time doesn't change the outcome of events.

Did Daniel's instructions to bury the bomb somehow lead to the eventual button pushing?

Doc Jensen had a lot of thoughts on Jughead in his pre-show analysis.

I'll stop now. I feel like I'm asking more than hypothesizing. Let's hear some other thoughts. What am I forgetting? I may have to watch it again.

Stella said...

I also thought it was neat that Desmond and Penny named their little boy Charlie.

Beth said...

Just found this on a blog and rewound to be sure it was right.

The woman who holds the gun on Faraday is named Ellie.

In the "enhanced" repeat of "The Lie," the subtitles list Ms. Hawking's first name as Eloise (also the name of Faraday's rat in "The Constant").


Joyce Saenz Harris said...

"Ellie"..."Eloise"? Too much of a coincidence, I think! And Daniel said he'd been studying the Dharma Initiative all his life, too.

So it would make sense if his mother is Eloise Hawking and Ellie is Eloise as a young woman...and that would explain the connection between Daniel Faraday and Charles Widmore, his "benefactor," too. Charles and Ellie would be friends of 50 years' standing; both would be in their early 70s by the period of 2005-08.

Daniel thought Ellie looked familiar somehow. But wouldn't you think that, if you had ever seen a photo of your own mother as a young woman, you would recognize her if you by some wild chance went back in time and met her?!

Beth said...

Maybe he did know it was her. He just said she looked familiar as an excuse for his staring. She was having enough trouble buying his story about the island's future and burying the bomb. He would have totally lost her if he added, "And by the way, you're my mother."