January 2, 2009

Lost in love: more hints about Season 5

Are you a Jater? A Skater? A Jacket fan?
If you love the love relationships on Lost, and IF YOU LIKE SPOILERS, you might want to click on this post from TV Guide's "Watch With Kristin" blog -- this one's written not by Kristin, however, but by Jennifer Godwin.
Jennifer's also seen those first two eps of Season 5, and she is all about the romantic relationships both on and off the Island.
However, beware and don't go there if you really don't want to know anything in advance of the Jan. 21 premiere -- because this one is somewhat more spoilery than other S5 previews I've read, especially when it comes to the subject of Sawyer and Kate.
Evangeline Lilly as Kate (ABC photo)

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