January 29, 2009

Lost Redux 5.3

E!Online's Watch With Kristin may have said it best in summing up last night's Lost: "What the hell?" "Who the hell?" "When the hell?!"

She wraps up what we learned and what could lie ahead.

If you don't want even mild spoilers, stop reading after the picture of Juliet and Sawyer after you click the link above. Sawyer is holding a gun.

And here's Entertainment Weekly's recap of the episode.

Why do the Others speak Latin, you ask? ... "One idea — suggested to me by Joley Wood of powells.com — is that it's a link to the novel Utopia, which was written in Latin. The best bit: The leaders of the Island utopia in the novel were called... Bencheaters. (Ben-cheaters.)" Huh. Me, I just assumed it was because (A) Latin is very old and the island is very old; and (B) pretty much no one else on Earth outside the Vatican is going to understand it. Latin also has an extracurricular resonance for this episode that I'll touch on in a bit.

UPDATE: And here's another EW review by Doc Jensen.

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