February 4, 2009

Episode 4: What did you think?

So, what did you think of Epsiode 4, The Little Prince?
If you're here right after the show, stick around.
Your posts appear in real time, so there's a chance to ask and answer questions and respond to theories.
Here's a quick hit recap from Entertainment Weekly. More to come later.
Did you see Ben’s van? The words on the side said “Rainier-Canton.” That’s an anagram for…. reincarnation! Is there hope for corpse Locke to rise


JenEmily said...

What did everyone think?

JenEmily said...

It's interesting that Lost has created such a rich history for the island (without giving too many details) that show can bounce around in time and we know exactly where they are.

Jin's alive!
Ben's still a bastard.
Sawyer hearts Kate.

So, if the nose bleeds have a connection to how long you've been on the island? Was Miles the baby we saw earlier this season. And it's been suspected that Charlotte was born on the island.

Stella said...

OMG. Wow. That episode rocked. Seriously, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Where to start???
Jin, French Woman, vindictive Sun, sentimental Sawyer, manipulative Ben, Hurley loving the slammer...

JenEmily said...

So why do you think these people are trying to hurt/kill/kidnap/whatever the Losties?

Stella said...

By "these people" do you mean young Widmore and company or do you mean the people on the boat in tonight's episode? Are they the same?

JenEmily said...

I meant the guys who tried to kill/tranquilize Sayid, etc.

I figure they could be with Ben.

Or Widmore.

Or it could be something else I guess.

Stella said...

Oh yeah, those guys. I would say Ben hired them to scare the survivors into returning to the island. But then it seems like they really will kill them, so it makes me think that maybe it's Widmore's people because he doesn't want the "real story" to get out eventually. I'm sure he figures someone will eventually spill the beans.

Kevin said...

Good episode. The tension is increasing. I like how Ben and Widmore are the two puppet masters clashing over control of the island, with all these other characters serving as mere pawns in their perverse power struggle. They both grew up on the island (I think) and both understand its powers and want to harness that power for their own greedy designs.

Everything we're seeing now is leading up to that inevitable clash at the end of the series -- all the scheming and manipulations.

Ben, as usual, is not to be trusted. He is using the Jack and the gang to help him out maneuver his rival. And as usual, they are unable to see that they're being tricked.

Can Jack, Kate and Sawyer stop Ben and Widmore from destroying the island? And who the heck is Jacob?

Joyce Saenz Harris said...

I love the fast pace of this season. Stuff happening every week, story arcs much tighter, tension building rapidly, and characters playing off each other in complex ways.

I loved seeing Jin turn up, even if it's 16 years ago -- what will happen to him next time the flash happens? Did he escape the freighter's explosion, or did his encounter with the French group actually change his fate somehow?

I think Miles may be the Changs' baby, and that Charlotte spent at least part of her childhood on the island...both may have been born there. But Juliet's now getting nosebleeds too? And if so, why?

Paula said...

Well, Juliet might not have been born there but she's obviously been there several years. Very interesting about Miles. I have yet to understand what value he had for Widmore. The van-agram is hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Last night's episode title, "The Little Prince," made me think of the fable, "The Little Prince," which has been a best-selling book for years. A good friend of mine bought me the book several years ago, but I never had the chance to read it. Anyways, as we know, the LOST writers like to use references from books and other things. I went to Wikipedia to learn more about the book, and I was struck by the parallels between the book and LOST. If you all have a chance, check out Wikipedia's overview of The Little Prince. I've copied and pasted the link at the bottom. But here are some interesting tidbits about the book:

From Wikipedia:
The Little Prince was written by a French aviator Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. In the book, he talks about being marooned in the desert in a damaged aircraft. He was inspired to write The Little Prince after he crashed in the Sahara desert en route to Saigon in 1935 when he was attempting to fly from Paris to Saigon faster than anyone before them ever had.

The book starts off with the Prince and the narrator being stranded in the desert for eight days.

Eventually, the Little Prince leaves the desert and visits six other asteroids in the universe. He meets a character on each asteroid, including a character known as “The Lamplighter,” who lives on an asteroid which rotates once a minute, according to Wikipedia. Long ago, the Lamplighter has been charged with the task of lighting the lamp at night and extinguishing it in the morning. At that point, the asteroid revolved at a reasonable rate, and he had time to rest. As time went on, the rotation sped up. Refusing to turn his back on his work, he now lights and extinguishes the lamp once a minute, getting no rest. The Prince actually empathizes with the Lamplighter, who is the only adult to care about something other than himself. (This reminds me of Desmond and the other survivors who kept pressing those computer keys in the hatch to prevent something destructive from happening.)

This part of The Little Prince story reminds me of Ben and how he tries to convince the Oceanic Six to return to the island: Chapter 16 begins: "So then the seventh planet was the Earth". On the Earth, the Little Prince starts out in the desert and meets a snake that claims to have the power to return him to his home planet (A clever way to say that he can kill people, thus "Sending anyone he wishes back to the land from whence he came.")

I could go on and on about the similarities. Here’s the Wikipedia link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Little_Prince

And apparently Doc Jensen has a good analysis on The Little Prince episode from last night and the book.