February 25, 2009

A little preshow reading

Doc Jensen has once again given us a little reading before we see tonight's epsiode.

He calls it The Keys to Locke.

Jeremy Bentham was a 18th century English ethicist and founding father of legal positivism, which stands in opposition to natural law, which was promoted by...17th century English philosopher John Locke, one of the founding fathers of the so-called Age of Reason. Locke was a deist (i.e., a creator God) who believed that man had certain intrinsic, unalienable rights; his philosophy was capable of integrating science and faith. Bentham said: BWA-HAHAAH! He thought natural law was ''nonsense on stilts.'' Bentham is a very post-God thinker: He believed the only rights a man had were the rights society gave him.
DOC JENSEN ANALYSIS: The castaway formerly known as Locke has chosen a namesake that literally mocks his previous namesake. Last week, Man of Science Jack switched teams: He became a Man of Faith. Is John Locke/Jeremy Bentham about to do a worldview flip-flop himself?

There's video, teases and corrections to last week's column.

Be sure to check out EW's Lost Untangled videos on the first page. They recap last
week's show and talk about the season so far.

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Anonymous said...

Haven't read it all. Wondering if the real like Locke and Bentham were so different. Did Locke change his mind and actually become Bentham?

Probably not. But crossed my mind.

Also. The idea that ... Jacob in Latin is Jacobus. And Jacobus in French is Jacques. And that Jacques in English is Jack. Jacob=Jack


is mind blowing!

It blows my mind.