April 29, 2009

Doc Jensen previews 'The Variable'

Tonight's Lost episode, "The Variable," is touted as a sort of companion piece to last season's time-travel classic, "The Constant." But instead of focusing on Desmond and Penny, this ep focuses on Daniel Faraday, his backstory and the people closest to him.

Over on EW.com, Doc Jensen has some intriguing ideas about what we might expect from "The Variable," as well as more theories about Dr. Pierre Chang and son Miles, the building of the Swan hatch, Dharma founders Gerald and Karen DeGroot, and more.

And don't forget to watch the new "Totally Lost" video, in which (if you are quick with the pause button) you can glimpse this week's teasers from Lost's showrunners. Most intriguing among them: "The inscription will change everything."
PS: Don't forget! If you're recording Lost tonight, be sure to set your DVR or VCR to run well over the usual time, as a presidential speech scheduled for 7 p.m. CDT may cause ABC's prime-time programming to run late.