April 1, 2009

Reviewing 'Whatever Happened, Happened

So, do Kate and Sawyer's actions turn Ben into the man he is today? Did they do they right thing?

What do you think Richard Alpert can do to Ben to heal him, take away his memory and steal his innocence? What does it mean that Ben belongs to them now?

And why didn't Kate and Sawyer change their minds?

Do you think the Losties can change the future or the past, for that matter? Or did Whatever Happened, Happened?


Adrian V. said...

I enjoyed this episode because it outright answered questions that we have had about Aaron, Kate and Sawyer!

Joyce Saenz Harris said...

Interesting that Richard took Little Ben into the Temple, which presumably is where Smokey resides. Will we finally see more of Jacob?

I'm also wondering if we will see Horace building the cabin for Amy, but perhaps never getting to live in it (since the blueprints were still in the pocket of his jumpsuit, on his skeleton in the Dharma death pit). Wonder when and why Jacob takes over the Goodspeeds' cabin?

Jen Emily said...

So, if Jack had operated on Ben, Kate and Sawyer would not have taken him to The Others.

Does this mean he wouldn't have grown up to be the Ben he is today?

I think The Losties can change the future.

Joyce, I found that interesting also. Apparently, Richard Alpert and Smokey are tight since he can just go in there without fearing for his life? Does Richard control Smokey?

Interesting ending with the jump to the present and Ben waking up and seeing Locke.

Joyce Saenz Harris said...

Jen, maybe Richard IS Smokey's usual human manifestation -- whenever he isn't posing as Yemi or whoever. Or maybe Richard's an immortal high priest to the more human, more mortal Others tribe, and Smokey is the Cerebus-like watchdog of the Island.

Ben sure looked like he was surprised to wake up and see Locke resurrected. And he looked none too pleased to see Locke, either!

I'm still thinking the Losties can change the future, mostly because of how the Barracks looked when Frank and Sun met Christian there. If it was indeed 2007, why were the Dharma signs still up, the Others apparently not living there, the camp deserted and in disarray from a relatively recent past event? Did the Losties' actions in the Island's past change the time of the Purge from 1992 to a more recent year? Was the rescheduled Purge of Dharma perhaps carried out by Widmore's men, rather than by the Others?

I think the Others cannot have their own children, which is why they steal and adopt babies and children -- it's the only way to keep the tribe going, aside from recruiting a few people like Juliet, who was brought in to solve the infertility problem.