April 15, 2009

Previewing tonights show

Will we learn the origin of his powers? Will we learn why his parents gave him a name that sounds like ''maelstrom,'' a Nordic term for 'whirlpool?'' Will we learn why he's such a Mr. Snarky Cranky Pants? Recall earlier this season how Daniel Faraday wondered if his freaky freighter friend had been to the Island before; might Miles be Pierre Chang's infant child all grown up? If so, did Young Master Sixth Sense spend any time in Room 23, à la Walt? FUN FACT FROM THE WORLD OF CONSPIRACY THEORY LORE! Time-traveling Miles is currently parked in 1977 — the same year that the Senate conducted an investigation into a secret CIA project called MKULTRA, which conducted research into brainwashing, mind-control, and even psychic powers. Heavy drugs were involved. And allegedly kids were used as test subjects. Very Room 23, if you ask me.

Hmmm... Any Alias fans out there? Remember Project Christmas Tree? Alias was another JJ Abrams show.

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